Foremost Among The Goddesses Picture

"Frigg, the most powerful Goddess (in Northern Mythology). Wife of Odin and mother to the Gods. She is often described as the 'Weeping Goddess', because of the untimely loss of her son Baldur, the Fairest of the Gods."- Various websites.

More or less how I depict Frigg. Sassy-uke and I used to rp Norse Mythology and I wanted to have Frigg, and sweet tits do I love her. QAQ Her and her "future seeing powers". Her and Freya are my favorite goddesses of those myths.

EDIT: Ahg, also! It really looks nothing at all like the picture, but for the face angle I had intended I WAS referencing a picture I had found/saved some time ago on DA. I don't have the name of the person who did the photo, but yeah. In reality though, the face angle is nothing like the picture since I had given up on getting it right. =___= but just in case, I figured I would add that. Can't be too careful....

Frigg (in the image, so as in the character)- Me
Frigg (as in the GOD in general of the belief)- Norse Mythology, which is made of fucking win.
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