The Voluptuous Vigilante Ep.2B Picture

Hello everyone. I have Episode 2 completed now and here is the second half.

It took me longer then I expected in order to figure out how I wanted this one to go. Leaving off in the middle of a story is not how I want to do things. I'll try to keep everything together from now on.

I'm now 2 (3) episodes into this thing and if anyone actually likes this then let me know. I'll also take suggestions on which girl we should meet up worth and should she be the ler or the lee. (Hopefully, you know those terms.)

I won't be doing episode 3 yet until I get some feedback or I decide who to work with next. On my personal short list, Lorelei is up there as well as the new girl from Pokemon Black and White. If you have an idea, say something. It doesn't hurt.

(C) All Pokemon and characters are the property of Nintendo, except for Kenya, who is my OC based of the mythology of that world. Enjoyment is subject to change, Results may vary.

Link to the Text Version at Please support me there as well: [link]

Link to Episode 2: Part 1 on DeviantArt: [link]
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