Olympias Picture

    "Not just because I age through it, but she really is the deepest character I've ever played. There's a wisdom and an age and a depth and a strength to her that very much belongs to the woman I've become in the last few years. There's nothing young about her. It's everything heavy that I've done or seen."

—Angelina Jolie on the role of Olympias

Notes from September 26, 2009

    I have a thing ( fetish is not quite the right word ) for portraits of literary characters, mythological beings and persona from ancient history.  This week I have been feeling the urge to begin working on a series of such portrayals.

    With literature we have the author's words to guide us a fair distance and the best writers allow or encourage us to engage our imaginations in generating a vision of their characters.  With myth and ancient history our perceptions are strongly influenced by centuries of artistic depictions and within the past century by the dynamic power of motion pictures.  Depending upon an actor's performance, a film role can often define or re-define popular perception of most any historical figure.

    Recently I re-watched Oliver Stone's 'Alexander', which is a vibrant adventure for the senses.  With the acting, one performance stood out for me among the rest, that of Alexander's mother portrayed by Angelina Jolie.  The story followed closely with what is possible to be known of the family dynamic of Alexander and his parents.  What Angelina brings across with force is that there would be nothing "great" about Alexander had his mother not been a magnificent woman herself.

    It is that strength of character that I wanted to go after in a portrait.  This is not so much a depiction of Angie .. there's plenty of those and many very good .. but a tribute to her work in this particular role, which, for me, was the show-through performance of the film.

    If you have seen the movie, I would be interested in your impressions.


PRODUCTION : Character & Scene Set up and Rendered Within Poser
POST : Tonal Warmth, Film Grain, DOF, Finishing Enhancements & Framing Within Photoshop
CREDITS : Olympias - Self-crafted Character for Victoria IV
VINTAGE : September 2009

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