Of The Stars Picture

and I present to theeee... Sébastien's mother! A mix bread of a Taingou and Matagot. Two mythical creatures taking the form of a black canine figure (or cat whichever really).

so yea. fixed this up from a sketch I did at school and decided I'd use it as her refrence picture. Most of the info on her is in Seb's bio [link] but other than that all you really need to know is that she is definitely the silent enigmatic type and is hardly ever really seen in this actual form unless seen from her domain up in the stars. otherwise she looks a lot more..normal dogish..like a really dark strange looking Saluki lol.

anyways er about her species'. the Taingou is from chinese mythology of a celestial dog like creature that would devour moons creating eclipses and to get the moon back you had to chase the dogs away. Séb's mom pretty much does that. but since the planet she so happened to drop by this time was inhabited one thing led to another and she met unsuspecting René. but yea i won't get into that since it's in Séb's bio XD. but bsically that's what the Matagot did. It's from french folklore and would be taken in by humans and fed and all that, and in return it could bring wealth. but be greedy with it and you die pretty much. so next time ya bring in a lucky stray cat ya best be thinkin twice about that :U

K i'm done rambling on now lolol enjoy this weird hipster dog

art, Character (c)Aibyou
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