Blessed are the Journeyers Picture

Blessed are the Journeyers. 48" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas.

This piece has been quite a journey. It took many months to produce and was then crushed when my van was rear-ended on the way to Beloved Festival. It's been another two months of restorations and efforts to get a digital image. The combination of the black background, the surface damage, and the thick varnish made havoc on any photo or digitizing attempts.

All that said, there's lots of love in there. If you look, you'll see two figures, a man and a woman. The man is wearing a long fez and has his arm around the woman. He is catching the luminous wonders of her divine imagination and playing the drums of creation with another hand. She is dancing and they are riding into the mystery with many spirit guides and other journeyers in attendance.

As we make our way across the ocean of existence we sometimes glimpse the illusion of our separateness. We see our individual lives entangled in the life force that flows through the cosmos.

Blessed are the journeyers.
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