Information Gathering Picture

Kazuki's head shot up, eyes still droopy.
"Whats the big idea, Tenrai? I was sleeping!"

Tenrai had little patience for the nekomata, but she knew that he was always snooping about the forest, and felt that he could possibly have some information to give her, otherwise she wouldn't have come all the way into the Barren Land. Though the misty, rubble filled waste lay under her jurisdiction, she didn't favor it.

"You know why I'm here, Kazuki," she said in a calm voice.

"Actually, Tenrai, I don't," said the cat, resting his head on his paws and closing his eyes with a bored expression.

Tenrai stomped a hoof, "Don't play dumb with me, you worthless feline. Nothing goes on in this forest without you noticing it."

Kazuki looked away with a smug expression, "True."

Tenrai was becoming frustrated.

"Then how could so many young animals have died, in perfect health, unless there was something killing them?"

Kazuki's tails twitched as a grin appeared on his face "Sure beats me, Skullface, but I don't really care what happens to some random deer in the Main Wood."

Tenrai fought to keep control of her temper, "Kazuki, it's killed spirits. Yesterday I found three dead Shika-onna and a kitsune."

Kazuki's expression suddenly became serious, "Oh...Tenrai. I really haven't seen anything."

Tenrai sighed, "That's OK, no one else has either."

As the black deer began to walk off, Kazuki's voice reached her ears.


She turned around to see him looking at her intently, almost apologetically.

"It'll be OK. You'll figure it out."

Tenrai nodded, "I know."

Nobody messed with Mama's forest!

I wanted to show off Kazuki's personality.
Basically, yes he is an ass, but he's not a bad kitty. He's known Tenrai for centuries. He's no saint, and she has difficulty tolerating, but after all those years, they can be called "friends".

Workin on a little storyline.

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