Botan BW Picture

If you've seen the anime (or read the manga) of Yu Yu Hakusho, you should know who this character is. It is Botan, who ferries the recently dead to the Spirit World. In western mythology, you could say she's the ferryman on the river Styx. The character, created by Yoshihiro Togashi, is an effervescent version of Death incarnate. She's bright and happy, even with her type of job.

My deviation is a digital photograph (taken with a Kodak EasyShare 4530) of the 7in-tall collectible figure published by IF Labs. The figure comes with her traditional oar, and is somewhat posable, mostly her arms. I set up the camera on my tripod, and got in close for a photograph. The original is in color. But this is why it belongs in the category I chose: the photo was desaturated in Photoshop using the Channel Mixer menu. The red channel was favored, as it created an in interesting tonal contrast, almost overexposing the image. The contrast was further enhanced by manipulating the Levels of the image. A faint glow was added to the brightest parts of the image by using a somewhat complicated set of commands. The image has a ghostly quality to it. I feel I've successfully negated the upbeat quality of the character, and created a darker interpretation of Botan.
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