[FE] First Movement: The Spear - Pg 22 Picture

First Movement Title Page: hannimble.deviantart.com/art/F…

Also known as: the page where Sedna displays some semblance of emotion that isn't annoyance/superiority.

Originally, Siddhartha was the hydrophobe, but looking back it made more sense for this role to go to Sedna. After all, the mythological figure she's named after apparently had a rather nasty encounter which involved her father trying to drown her and her fingers getting cut off, although accounts vary. Good times. It also gives her character the chance to display some subtle cracks. All the better to break her with.

I'm not sure what happened in panel seven. The idea was to have something mysterious and dark moving through the water, but now it just looks like a big fat blob with even fatter fireflies floating around it. Just, uh, use your imagination and pretend it looks fabulous.

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