Ace Attorney: Underworld Justice sketch dump Picture

this weird Phoenix Wright AU thing I thought of like two years ago but am just drawing now loL

I think a demon lawyer would be cool as hell no pun intended.

Just some quick sketches + practice shading in Sai lol.

vvv random headcanon shit vvv

Klaus is a defense lawyer in Hell, and he specifically would defend human souls to help them get to Heaven or w/e I think. His older brother Vlad is one of the most famous prosecutors (damning rate: 100%), and Klaus would say he became a lawyer just to piss Vlad off, but it was really because his mother was actually human and he can understand humans pretty well.

Mao is Klaus' gender-questionable assistant/secretary imp (he doesn't mind being called "he" though.). Mao is the only reason why Klaus even has a job tbh. Klaus has bad attitude and Vlad has an even worse one so they'd probably try to kill each other in court lmaO. They are from an aristocrating devil family, but Klaus took a lot of crap for having a human mother (for some reason I think he'd still be considered a 'demon'... 'half-demon' isn't really a thing anyone in the Underworld acknowledges idk).

I think the Judge would be like.. a King Enma/Yama-ish figure or something.

The game would be similar to all the other AAs, but you'd be defending human souls against other supernatural monsters ie Werewolves, vampires, zombies etc etc... So I think it would be cool if the cases (or at least some of them) used the player's mythological cliche' knowledge (ie if a vampire was murdered you'd have to assume it was garlic, a stake through the heart or sunlight, but his vampire wife couldn't have done it because it happened in the daytime or whatever etc). (Human souls in hell are stuck doing crap jobs like maids and slave-service to demons.)

If you win the case the human soul gets to pass on happily (or maybe revive/reincarnate to earth idk yet. Having a case of someone in a coma would be cool....). If you loose, they go to 9-level inferno prison or something loL.


Anyway ya I have weird ideas sometimes and AA is hella rad *shrugs*

I need to get the new games... I never really played Apollo Justice at all haha.


Art (c) me, SoloAzume. Don't Alter or repost it anywhere thank Cx

Ace Attorney/Turnabout Trial (c) Capcom

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