CrimZon Dragon: Gogeta vs Sammael Picture

A quick trace/drawing of a future, "epic" encounter between Gogeta, from the Dragonball z franchise, going up against my main antagonist in my soon-to-be-made third installment, CrimZon Dragon. The rather muscular figure in the background is the antagonist, whom I've finally given him a name most befitting of him, Sammael - "the Wrath of god", according to Judaism mythology.

Here's a sneak peek in Sammael's bio: like Goku and Vegeta, Sammael is a full blood saiyan with the power up ability as Gohan, the mystic state, which enables him to power up without having to go super saiyan, though his strength and speed are comparable to that of a normal base Vegito - Sammael achieves the mystic state by different means. Additionally, he is the host of an ancient kaoticon who's prowess is as high as Thunderwing's - whom I've mentioned earlier in the beginning of CrimZon Universe - which gives him the same features bestowed upon any normal level 4 - high speed regeneration, enhanced senses, etc - and also explains why his skin tone is a dark shade of blue and purple.
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