Heart-Broken Lady Picture

"I'm such an ugly, selfish, and cowardly woman!

Today has been a very bad day for Gardina. Today, the region she lived in had a very bad disaster because a STOOPID CATFISH caused a massive earthquake and wave that wiped out a lot of land. Gardenia couldn't do anything about it because well, fire and water don't mix, and flying moves are useless against ground types. Needless to say, many of the mons weren't pleased and booed her away and waited for someone else to come... Which didn't happen and the destruction only got worse. Another Ho-oh, Zebstrika, and eventually Kiki the Froslass got rid of the pest, but the damage was done and would take days to fix... Worse, a rain storm hit the area and people had to seek shelter in the mountain where Gardina lives until it ceased. Here, in the temple she calls home, Gardina sits alone and cries over her failure and her lack of self-worth.

Originally, I was going to do it for just her lack of self-worth and lack of confidence about her self, but after today's events, I thought a little more meaningful backstory could be used.

You can see how the plushie has a lot of mistakes, let alone a few other problems. I won't lie, at first I didn't want to do this because I felt it was too gloomy, but I figure that after all that happened today and my personal feelings, such a picture probably needed to be done.

(You should probably do a little research on Japanese mythology if you don't get the catfish thing...)

Ho-Oh (C) Nintendo/GAME FREAK
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