REMAKE: Jenny Greenteeth Picture

This week's WHITECHAPEL REMAKE/REMODEL challenge. And NO, it's NOT She-Hulk. Read on...


It’s not all euphemistic smut-adventurers and bee-fancying spandexers on Whitechapel, oh no. You’ll recall I launched my stewardship here with a chance to reinvent the Egyptian War-Goddess Sekhmet – as a pissheaded psychopath, naturally – and verily It Was Good.

So. Let’s try some more of that sort of thing.

”Jenny Greenteeth is a figure in English folklore. A river hag, she would pull children or the elderly into the water and drown them. She was often described as green-skinned, with long hair, and sharp teeth.
She is likely to have been an invention to frighten children from dangerous waters similar to the Slavic Rusalka, the Kappa in Japanese mythology, or Australia's Bunyip, but other folklorists have seen her as a memory of sacrificial practices.”

So: an aquatic psycho-slag to frighten kiddies, drown geriatrics and delight RPG players the world over. But hark! This is Remake/Remodel! This isn’t just a chance for you to get your Creep On and draw an old faerie gribblie, oh-ho-no.

You will update. You will recontextualise. You will use your tasty brainbits as well as your scribbledy pens of power.

Bethunk as follows: how does a slime-titted water-devil fit into whatever passes for contemporary folklore? Is she the same old hag of yesteryear, now living a 21st century life? Is she keeping herself to herself, or using her unique skills (of, um, drowning children) to get by? Has she found a new niche, as a Modern Monster?

Maybe you fancy spandexizing the poor fiend and turning her into a heroine or villainess. Maybe “Jenny Greenteeth” is a tabloid nickname for a murderer, or a filename for a sentient techbug, or an experimental superweapon, or whatthefuckever.

Be Thou Interesting."

So I decided "screw the children, let Jenny go after bigger prey; FRAT BOYS!" This may be affected by the fact that it is Homecoming weekend in my town, and I've had to drive past way too many kegger parties, but I thought that Jenny could perhaps be more pro-active and go after these dorks by luring them to drown in beer.
And yes, I realize that drawing her like this makes her look like a demented She-Hulk, whose name is also Jennifer/Jenny. I figured that perhaps she could morph her looks a bit, and then revert to her true visage just as the frat boys gurgled "Dude, she's not hot anymore..." and drowned. Or something like that.

Pencils/Inks: MangaStudio EX
Colors: PhotoShop CS2
Graphics: Freehand MX
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