Psyche Gwendalin Snotra Picture

Title: Psyche Gwendalin Snotra
Nikname: None
Hall: librarie
Obituary: Only little girl of a high end political figure, she was kidnapped while on winter holiday from college. Psyche was being held hostage for money, but one of the captors had a happy trigger finger. Before her father could pay for her safe return, she was shot through the stomach, and in panic the kidnappers dumped her body in a snowy forest. Psyche isn’t sure what killed her first, loss of blood or freezing to death.
Pros: music (everything from classical to metal, though the latter is lesser known), books, computers, sweets, fancy things, jewelry, and butterflies
Cons: Overly hot dry weather, discussing politics, spiders, chipped nail polish, trashy or overly gaudy things, burnt meat (both taste and smell)


Well, here is Psyche, my little data gathering girl for the club
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