Lauren Banks' T-Shirt Design Picture

Okay, I got a friggin' new scanner, and Lord, is it hard to use! Anyone who has an HP Scanjet, please drop me some hints on how to use it. I messed around for an hour before I was able to get this thing into Photoshop, and I STILL can't figure out how to make it scan to a particular folder ... I think.

Anyway, mah good friend Lauren Banks likes her Baku, which is the guy on the left in this picture. He's an interesting little Eastern mythology creature, fighting a nightmare (the guy on the right). This image belongs to her, is her intellectual property, is copyright her, and so on. I just traced it. I kid, I kid, I offered to INK it for her, so she can color it in Photoshop or what have you. I love the design of this, and it was a lot of fun to really experiment with line variation. Huzzah for Baku!
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