Fakemon Dangra Picture

it is one of the Legendary Deity Trio of Ashter Region
based on the Rangda, an evil entity and figure in Balinese Mythology

Dangra is a Pychic/Dark Type Pokemon

It is said that Dangra had an eternal never ending battle with Sairong, between Good and Evil. Until they were eventually sealed up by an awakened Rajaruda, in the island of Baridise (Bali) since the battle caused mass havoc.

Species: Evil Pokemon

Set Move:
- Psybeam
- Pscho Cut
- Dark Pulse
- Night Slash

Signature Move:
- Evil Ray
base power 150 accuracy 100, recharges afterwards
the user glows with an array of different dark colors, and then releases a blast of dark rays and beams to the opponent
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