Niflheim Picture

I was experimenting with perspective in my anime stuffs and I was just so tickled by the "Rogue Narok" item that I just had to spend large sums of pixel money on it and then dedicate a picture to it. Norse mythology makes me happy.
It also lead to me opening a bribe shop again because I blew all my gold on this outfit... So that's why he's writing 'Niflheim'; because it's my shop name.
I even convince my art teacher (who hates anything and everything anime) to let me use it in my portfolio. She then proceeded to screw me over by telling me after I had finished that it only counted as figure drawing not extreme point of view. Now I have a C in art. yay.
She also made me print it up (which cost me a quarter) and submit it to the reflections contest. Which of course will get me nowhere because those bastards are narrow minded pigs and don't think very highly of anime or CG.
So thanks for the C and the loss of a quarter Mrs. Toth.
But I'm fond of this picture. Very protective of it. And still bitter.
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