Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat Picture

Commissioned done by: gb2k

I blame my good friend, Billy Big D, in making me a Fallout fanatic. Bought the game for the Xbox after listening him go on and on about the game, figuring I'd give it a try. Well I spent the next month playing late into the night after work, totally engrossed, not only in the game, but the mythology and history surrounding the backstory of it.

I commissioned Garrett Blair to do up a picture of my Lone Wanderer; a fiery red-head teenage girl named Anastasia Sheila Meagher with her trusty traveling companion, Dogmeat. She is wearing the Raider Blastmaster armor that I utilized the most in the early part of the game as well as a Roving Trader cap (to knock down those high prices for stimpacks at the beginning). I think Garrett did a great job on her and Dogmeat and I proudly display it in my game room
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