Sailor Star Infinity Picture

Years ago, I created my own Otaku Senshi. This was before I saw Sailor Stars (it wasn't released in the US and it wasn't readily available for viewing here, either. ) So I got this brilliant idea for a fan senshi.

Then I saw Sailor Stars and went, "Well... crap." Because she had absolutely no affiliation with the Kinmoku senshi. So I attempted, albeit pretty darn poorly, to figure out how she got her name and why she (sort of) resembled them.

Yeah. It was just as "awesome" as it sounds. XD If I ever get an itch, maybe I'll flesh it out more, and make it less.... stupid. LOL I did work out some sort of cool details, though, about mythology and where she and the other senshi from her galaxy come from. Because, if nothing else, Naoko Takeuchi did a decent job of basing her characters off mythological figures (though in Stars, it went pretty far afield. LOL)

Anyway, her name is Sailor Star Infinity. Her (current) civilian name is Menagi Starnigh. Her previous incarnation is Elysium Princess / Sailor Elysium. XD
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