Rayhin, Queen of Sorcery Picture

I can't believe I finally finished this, I just simply can't. I've never, ever worked so long and so hard with a picture before. I started the initial sketch and started the digital work in July, and I have worked on it since. Having had a month break from it now, I have worked for two days. There are still flaws, but I feel it is finished. Somehow the pic feels a bit... compressed, height-wise, but I hope it's just me. Made in Photoshop CS2, Painter 8 and on regular copy paper and a mechanical pencil (sketch).

Who is Rayhin, and what does she symbolize?
Rayhin is one of the most central characters in the Ayamarian Mythology, which is the mythology/religion/reality in my stories and my fantasy world. I generally talk about Charbakin; that is a country in Ayamar, which is the whole planet.
The creator of the world is called Tai-Danar; he is the god over everything in the solar system to which Ayamar belongs, and leading god over all the other gods. His history is kinda special, but I won't go into it here. Why all this talk about him? Because, you see, he's got another side. As the only person/god/creature in the whole universe, he is two persons, and when he change, he changes completely. As the other person, he is a woman, who is the Goddess of Magic, or as the dark magicians call her; Queen of Sorcery. She is not commonly worshipped or followed, as many people don't know about her existance. It is not her desire either. She is already worshipped and followed in her male form. As Rayhin, she is only followed by people with ability of sorcery, and generally only dark sorcerers (who are not evil, by the way). Tai-Danar was the only god permitting magic to get a central place in his creations, and Rayhin is the embodiment of that magic. She is magic, in a way.
That is what I have tried to depict here. There are three forms of magic, and the highest form of sorcery contains all three. The highest one is the power of the magic moon, which she is holding in her hand and which is her own symbol. Very few are able to use that power to its full extent, but yet its power is in many things in Ayamar. To be able to use it, however, you have to have the magical ability in yourself, a certain amount of power that is in your very soul. It comes from the other sources, but it works individually and needs to be present for any person to be able to use sorcery. In some forms it is only barely present, though. This is shown by her own figure. The third and most basic power is the one from the earth itself; a core deep inside the inner core of the earth (if anyone remembers how our earth is built up... She is wearing her characteristic dress; a simple dress with a green belt, in her colour: Red.

Hope you like!

PS. There should have been more moonlight in her hair; I got sloppy towards the end, and besides I couldn't zoom out during the last Painter steps because that kept freezing everything. But then, the light from the real/common moon is supposed to be weaker than that of the magic moon.
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