Gorgonas Picture

Actually, this has been the most complicated pic I've done. As you can see, they're the Gorgons, those female creature from clasic mythologic who had snakes as hair, and could turn into stone living creatures with their view. In clasic mythologic there are several interpretations about how the Gorgons should look like: any people says they were three sisters, and Medusa (the most popular) was beautiful as the rest of her sisters were ugly. Other people says they had round faces, flat noises, golden wings and bronzed hands... all them.
That's the interpretation I've done.
They're, Medusa in the middled; Esteno at left and Euriale at right. I made my own interpretation, and as you can see, their snakes-hair is combed: Euriale has it in a pony tail, Esteno has it braided, and finally Medusa has in it two little ponytails in both sides on her face... I just found funny they combed their snakes
To do this picture I used a skecth which I done past year at my job (when it still being easy---) and a photo of a cave which I altered in order it looks like a painting. The figures are done whith Photoshop and wacom tablet, mostly... except some hints on their dresses. The golden effect of their wings and such are made with CG effects, as well as the purple glow of their eyes.

I'm quite proud of this pic of mine since I had to work harder, but I'm dissapointed with those figures, they're too small
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