The Cauldron Born Picture

I am trying my best to be productive this month, and I've been planning these pieces for a while now and FINALLY got around to assembling them all and bringing them to life. This one has been all sorts of a pain in the butt, but I'm happy enough with it. (for now...and for this artist that's as good as it gets)

Continuing in my series of Welsh Mythological figures, I give you Ceriddwen. Alternatively depicted as a crone and as a younger woman, she is the keeper of the cauldron of wisdom, inspiration, and knowledge. She is also an initiatrix of poets, bards, and magicians and is generally quite awesome. I've been generally ripping poor Damh the Bard's song titles for the titles for these because they are at least more interesting than "name". Additionally, they're extremely awesome songs that really do a great job bringing the illustration to life.

Model this time is the lovely
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