Bast - ink Picture

Bast, or Bastet. Desert lion or cat. Goddess of perfume.. and stuff.

I totally love Egyptian and Greek mythology, ever since I was like seven and my dad got me this computer game called Recess in Greece. Egyptian has always been my favourite though (except for the Greek stories, which are totally sexy), especially the gods. I loved the whole animal-based thing.

Since everyone is so OBSESSED with asking me "why does it have a nose ring?", I'm going to explain it before you ask. Ahem.

Honestly, I have no idea. ^_^ But once when I was in Germany, we went to this little stop because they had coocoo clocks and my parents wanted one. On the wall across from them, there were all these stone figures of the Egyptians gods. I was like "OMFG DROOL" and I got a little Anubis for 16 euros. ^_^~ They had this big one of a cat (I assumed it was Bast) lying like a sphinx. It was all black except for gold around it's eyes, inside it's ears, and a nose and ear ring (there might have also been a headdress and anhk on it's chest, but I can't remember 100%). That image has always stayed with me, so whenever I draw Bast (always on my schoolwork... << ) she ALWAYS has a nose ring.

I basically made up all the jewery and clothing for this. Hopefully no one comes and slaughters me because it's really incorrect. I haven't read anything about her for a while (too much work! @[email protected]), but I'm going to soon, hopefully. Then I'll get the right colours and stuff when I colour it, and I'll be able to educate you when I upload it.

Too nice for scraps. ;_;

Black ink on 8A paper. Done 100% in school.
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