Shinon Contest Piece Hercules Picture

Well, I managed to get a fun piece done for a contest one of my favorite artists is holding! Her DA name's ShadeofShinon and she's been a big inspiration for me, so I figured I'd give this contest a shot!

The contest theme is her Nuzlocke Pokemon in a Mythology scene. I decided to stick with Hercules (Played by Gis!)! Why I chose this one, well, I figured a Gyarados would make an awesome hydra, and thought that Gis is a pretty beefy Pokemon, so I figured it would be a great match!

One of Hercule's Labors was to battle the Lernean Hydra within a swamp. I made Jor as the Hydra (No hard feelings, I hope. Jorry's freaking adorable, but I figured she'd make a pretty badass hydra XD). When Hercules would smash each head of the Hydra, however, a new one would grow. That's when his good buddy Iolaus came to help, torching each head as he smashed it to cauterize it and keep it from growing back! (Ey's taking on that role today, being the fire wielder of the group
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