Bionicle MOC: Kutumah Picture

About the MOC Kūtūmah(Pronouncee Khoo-Too-Mah) is a cultural amalgamation of a Tiki/Hawaiian god, Maori god, Native American Totem poles as well as kinda resembling a Japanese Tengu. The strongest influences though are the Polynesian cultures, Hawaiian and Maori. is one of four main gods in Hawaiian mythology. He is their God of War. I'm also going with Hawaiian cultural references with his weapon, a spiked club. It is said Hawaiian warriors, the Koa would often use spiked clubs made from sharks teeth or stone. And since I had these Stronius club parts I figured it'd be a good fit. Tūmatauenga is the Maori equivalent to Kū. Tumataunga is also mostly who I'm basing Kūtūmah's personalities or tendencies on. Tuma...where have we heard that name in a warrior like character before?
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