The Tenth Muse Picture

acrylics and collage-

This piece has a story with it haha

At first the idea was to make a painting with the topic the muses (i love greek mythology) but after i check on the internet the nine muses, my mother came to see my sketches and told me "what a pity! there isn't anyone related to art!" ... you know... something made "click" in my head then ahhaha so the whole sketch ended to this
the tenth muse, the muse of art... after a while i decide it would be the muse of inspiration.. the muse is the figure partially seen (just head and hands) because inspiration is having the idea to do and the hands to turn it real! the idea is that she is capturing evrything that is surrounding her, forms, colours and flowers to create her master piece which is the girl siting between her hands, also i made some kind of frame around her to show that inspiration is a piece of art in itself, not only the final piece

hope you like it
p.s: i showed it in an exposition and evryone told me it look really nice! i even have one person interested in buying it!! <3
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