Aillen's Last Hallowe'en Picture

For 9 Samhain in a row, Áillen had burned Tara in accordance with a victorious treaty for the Sidh. The Sidh are the divine race of Ancient Ireland, the people used to call them the "Fair Folk", in a hope that they would be benevolent towards them. The diminuitive form this title took became, over time, known as Fairies. They were allowed, due to a very old treaty, to walk the mortal realm of Ireland once a year. This became known as Hallowe'en. The only thing is, when they walk the mortal realm, they too become mortal. This is a poster of Fionn Mac Cumhail (middle rear), Goll Mac Morna (left) and Áillen (right and front) on the night of Áillen's demise at the hands of Fionn, in the mortal realm. This is his last hallowe'en.

Figures are from Irish Mythology
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