New Face Picture

Hey guys! So I took Loki for a test run this weekend at the Nor-Cal cosplay gathering. It was so much fun and everyone loved the costume! There were a few things that made this a little to hard to parade around in. The horns, and the boot covers.

Even though I was trying to save space by using boot covers they really hindered my movement since I had to use sock glue to keep them up. Not only that, but my foot kept rubbing against the top of the shoe, causing a lot of pain after awhile.

The horns were a little unstable still and hurt to wear after long periods of time. I'm hoping to buy some padding to put onto the front piece so it doesn't hurt so much. I also need to figure out how to keep the horns from being wibbily wobily.

I got to work closely with my photographer friend, and I'm happy he had the patience to work with me. This is my favorite picture! And it was a blooper. I was looking up into the sun and making a face! I absolutely adore it! ♥

Photography by ~OnionKnightInc
Lady Loki cosplay by me
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