Orpheus Picture

Cranked this out between school assignments. It came pretty easily, which is nice considering I don't have heaps of free time these days.

I see that I'm occasionally getting idle comments on my front page like "How's it going?" etc~ I'm sorry I can't reply to these, just with college in the way. I guess you can consider these short 'hiatus' stretches between each post~ I need to submit school projects to scraps too, but it's just a matter of time.

I'm also working on an RPG Game, by the way. It revolves around learning more about Trivial and Hallen. I had my roommate test it out the other day, and her screams tell me the jumpscares work. It's in early stages, but it's stitching together nicely.

I figured I'd use this description as an update. Until we meet again~

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