why not meet both Picture

Meet Corentin Gagnon - and Agatha the hawk.
Yeaaaaaah. He is my attempt to revamp an old character design - WHITE HAIR, RED EYES AND A GOATEE. Not exactly the most original idea for a design but at least he doesn't look like a bishie unlike his 2003 predecessor (who was a demon. and who had stupid-looking horns, too). Guhh...
His design is still under work. I'm not fully happy with it yet.

The fellow with the hat and the scythe on right is Uncle Death, inspired by the Ankou legend (of the breton mythology). A personification of death, blah blah blah. I'm rather fond of him so far, There's still stuff I need to figure out... (reading those legends wouldn't hurt either. hur hur)
ALSO YOU'LL SEE WHY HE'S CALLED UNCLE. I dunno why but I have this sudden urge to hug him. Ffffffffffffff

Or idk. They work together. Long story short, Death is sick of necromancers bringing dead back to life, making things more complicated than they should be. And, since Corentin Gagnon isn't too fond of necromancers or undead creatures himself... I'm not sure about the details BUT IDK THEY MADE A DEAL or something. Uhm.

AN ANTI-NECROMANCER LOL. Because necromancers are so overrated.
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