Ao Ao Picture

The sixth son from Tau and Kerana's union.
Ao Ao [link] is often described as being a voracious sheep-like creature with a bear-like head and a massive set of fangs. Or as being a large, carnivorous peccary. The two versions sounded to me as different ways of saying the same thing.
I guess that if your trying to describe a peccary to someone who doesn't know them, sheep-like and slightly bear-headed wouldn't be a far fetched way to put it.

His name comes from the sound that he makes while hunting his victims.
As the horror escalates with every new child, Ao Ao is worse than any of his younger brothers. He is a bloodthirsty killer. Apparently he lives only on human flesh. He will eat everything, including the clothes. Climbing a tree won't help you, 'cause he'll bring it down. Unless it is a palm tree, which he won't approach.

I was going for really making just a monstrous peccary. Most of the thought I put into the design went in making this huge pig relative creature, but that you could easily relate it to this south american piggies and not to warthogs, european boars or any other species.
The basic stuff to keep in mind was the very round form they have, opposed to the longer figure of other pig relatives. The little snout, thin legs and big head.

I had to do this piece less bright and saturated than the previous ones. Because Ao Ao isn't that much of a colorful animal. I liked the idea of it having a peccary's coloration,m which is rather cool. Make all the surroundings too colorful and he loses visual importance.

Hope you like it.
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