Glee: Like an angel... Picture

Pencil and Painter 11. Glee cartoon featuring Kurt Hummel.

The idea for this hit me about a week or so ago and wouldn't let go until I drew it. It may not be as funny as I'd like or it could be, but I still think it's cute.

It's a crossover with Supernatural, so it kinda helps if you watch both Supernatural and Glee.

For those unfamiliar with Supernatural or Glee, here is a brief, relevant and a little cracky overview which includes spoilers for seasons 4 and 5 of Supernatural and season 1 of Glee.):

Supernatural 101: "... Also angels": In season 4 Supernatural added angels to their mythology. The first to appear was Castiel, who is hot and badass and total hell on light fixtures (and televisions, radios, ceiling mirrors... if it's electrical or glass, or both, it's in danger of his angel!awesomeness.) Castiel's entrance was epic and in the midst of popping lightbulbs and showers of sparks, both of the literal and UST variety (with his eventual BFF, Dean Winchester, who is human and a hunter of supernatural evil.)

Throughout seasons 4 and 5 Dean (and his brother Sam) crossed paths with several of Castiel's 'siblings' and after Castiel ('Cas') went rogue against Heaven (a good thing, because most of his brothers are dicks) and joined Dean and Sam, those encounters tended to be dangerous.

Ultimate case in point, in the season 5 finale, in a confrontation with the archangel Michael, Cas yells "Hey, Assbutt!" to distract him from messing with Dean... and so Cas can holy!Molotov cocktail Michael out of the picture for a few minutes... and because while Cas is badass,, he sucks at smack-talk. (He's kinda the Muppet Baby of SPN... but with smiting. lol ) Needless to say, it doesn't end well for poor Cas, which is to be expected when all your brothers are dicks and one is Lucifer, and he's the *nice* one. Btw, Cas did get better... at being not!exploded, not the smack-talk. lol

Glee 101: "It's like an angel sighing": Kurt Hummel is awesome. He's adorable, although he has his own moments of badass. He's meticulous and a bit neurotic about his skincare, fashion, and his hair. And he's "queerer than a 3 dollar bill." (to quote his awesomely awesome dad).

He also sings like an angel... sent down from Heaven to bestow upon us adorableness (and sudden "Power of Madonna" smoking!hotness) and the wisdom that "There's never an excuse for stirrup pants!"

And yet, although he has a voice of an angel, the gleeclub director, Will Schuester, has never given him a solo (except for the cracky beginning seconds of that Funk song in the next to last episode of the season.)

I figure there has to be a reason for that. ... or Will's an ass (sadly the more likely option, lol even though I like Will.)

I think that covers it. More or less.
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