Grim Picture

As you people who've read my recent journal, you have seen the sketch of this. The past week I worked on the sketch, and I finally got around to coloring it.

Grim is basically a different version of the Grim Reaper that I've been developing with the help of *KitsuneIchigo (it's for her story). He's got so much detail that I would have gone crazy trying to do a full-body picture, so I just did a portrait shot.

I fiddled around with a lot of different things in this, especially the background. That, and it was overall fun just making a new take on a popular mythology character. There are a few things here and there I don't like, such as the jewel (tried to make it look like an hourglass shape), and his eyes (I couldn't make them just look like the sockets).

However, what I find humorous about this is that while most horrific figures in video games and movies that are monstrous have bloody teeth, while Grim obviously brushes.
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