The Great Mage Wadjet Picture

The shifting earth beneath her unbooted feet brought her to her knees and without realizing it, she let her sword fall to the ground.

The shadow of something emerged before the actual figure had. This, she realized, was because whatever shook the earth beneath her had come up behind her. It reflected an almost cross-like shape onto the glittering walls before her, and when she could bring herself to turn, she found that it was taller ... yet tamer ... than she had expected. Not letting caution slip her mind, however, she felt around blindly until her palm fell upon the hilt upon her sword, because good things don't generally surprise you from beneath and behind.

The first words she heard were of a hiss-like quality, somewhat like Khari's voice, but spoken in a soul tongue. It felt more magnificent, however, and somehow less hostile than Chrishankhah had expected. "This is too early for a visitor," said the strange, feminine voice. "Please tell me there is purpose in this..."

Chrishankhah did not respond, at first. She was too distracted with the figure's mere appearance. Her serpentine body was scaled with a shimmering, antiquated gold -- silver on her chest -- and upon her arm were sandy feathered wings, blue and green. The only human part of the figure was her torso, partially obscured by a small gold and silver chest plate upon her breast. Her eyes were orange like the evening sun, and her narrow, serpentine face was framed with the hood of a cobra rather than hair. Undeniably, this was the great mage Wadjet.

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