.: Niflheim's Devil :. Picture

Drew this in my notebook during class. It started out as a doodle and then exploded into something I actually tried putting some effort into! ^_^;; I have a lot of notebook doodles/drawings I've scanned in the past couple days so I'll try and get them all colored and pretty for ya's.

This is my OC, Alice Stryker, based off the Norse myth of Nidhoggr, an undead dragon/serpent tangled within the roots of Yygdrasil, the tree of life. Trapped in a frozen hell, the Nidhoggr continuously gnaws at the roots and, when it does manage to free itself, is supposed to bring Ragnarok (basically the apocalypse) with it. I fell in love with that concept when I first learned about Nidhoggr, so I made Alice because two of my favorite fandoms deal with Norse mythology! <3

In English, Nidhoggr means "Malice Striker" so you can see where I got her English name... x'D she goes by Alice for any English verses/fandoms, especially Thor/Avengers/Marvel. For the anime series Matantei Loki, she goes by the Japanese name, Takiteryu ("Waterfall-Strike Dragon"), since the Norse figures have human aliases aside from their Norse names.

Art and Character (c) ~SinfulFox

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