Washer at the Ford Picture

A quicky of a bean nighe, the Scottish version of the Bean Sidhe (Banshee). Bean Nighe means roughly "washer women" and they were said to be found in streams washing the clothes of men about to die in battle. In some stories they were the spirits of women who had died in childbirth, in others they were simply sidhe messangers from the underworld. Like the bean sidhe they could either appear as very beautiful or very ugly (I went for a little ambiguity - her figure is youthful, but I intentionaly obscured her face).
For some reason bean nighes have been a recurring theme in my sketchbooks over the years.

Playing around with my pen techniqe some more - not entirely pleased with how she turned out, I wanted her to have more weight...more substance, but maybe I've been looking at her too long. I am quite pleased with the water and the weapons. I
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