hello, june. Picture

Drawn sometime in February 2011. I was trying to design an interpretation of what I imagined of Hermes or Helios with a splash of Adonis, I don't know. I've always been obsessed with mythology since I was a young child; I feel the need to convey the passion occasionally so here's a relic to that.

The above left is some poorly done clavicle practice, and to the upper right was eye practice. These were all done in ball-point pen.

It's not even finished, the shading isn't done at all but I figured since I haven't uploaded anything and people have been wondering what I've been up to, I would show where my style has been heading. Here you gooo. ♥

also: this wasn't scanned in at all, it was taken with a cellphone, haha.
If I had scanned it it would probably be given at least some justice,
it looks a lot better in person than this silly photo, even in its sketchy status.
Art © moi, ~zugestimmt
Done all in cheap Ballpoint Pen.

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