TW - sonur hrafna og sonur ulfa Picture

“sonur hrafna og sonur úlfa”

If I did it right, it should say “son of ravens and son of wolves”… If someone here knows how is correctly written then give me a shout.

Inspired by Old Norse Mythology, HISTORY’s VIKINGS and other art works; I couldn’t figure out a title I would be proud of so that’s what I’m calling it at the moment. I do have a bit of behind story for the drawing but I don’t have good writing fingers.

Stiles is suppose to be a “Fri-Hals” (if I got it right, is a Viking who just knows the most basic things yet has no right to vote or a good standing in society until proven of his commitment), so here is Stiles trying to prove himself against a werewolf, Derek, who are descendants of Fenrir (Fenrisúlfr).

But things don’t turn out as it should I guess.

TEEN WOLF©2011 Jeff Davis and MTV
Art Work©I. “Tomoe” Sancho

You are not allowed to use, reproduce, distribute, altered or copy any of my works without a proper consent permission from Me.

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