Learn Your Fortune Picture

sooo anyone who paid attention to my last submission will hopefully recognize this girl! and anyone who REEALLY paid attention will know all about her. XD

but i'll explain now! this is Nijiko Tsukino, the 36th daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. yup, you read that right. in my universe, they followed the mythology of Selene and Enydmion a lot more closely, and didn't stop at one daughter. Nijiko enjoys being mysterious and is a bit more than slightly psychic. as such, she excells at fortune telling, and throws herself passionately into the art. so she enjoys wearing veils a lot, and elegant kimonos that normally wouldn't look right on a child of her age, which is probably 10 or 12, but somehow look natural on her. chalk it up to more mysteriousness.

anyway on this drawing...i tried 2 new things, i tried patterns, and cel shading. i think i did awesome at the first, and so-so on the second. but it's better than what i usually do! but any tips would be awesome...i'm trying to figure out what's shaded, what's lightened from the light source..but yeah. i love this girl. she must be at LEAST in my top 10 favorites! she's just captured my heart. so enjoy!
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