The Judge Picture

Mmm... Anubis..

Actually a really old picture. Drawn probably around back in 2003. Holy crap. XD But while looking through piles of stuff for a Chem help book for my brother, I came upon this little beauty. o_o So I scanned and colored it. XDD OMGZ it's Anubis art and he isn't anthro! >D I almost colored him with all fur... But I let Lithy decide, and she decided against it. So he's colored the more traditional way. And I like it. *molests his tum* I'm also growing an immense affection for coloring fur. Almost as much as my beloved pant rips. <3 So anyways. Old picture. Just colored. Very proud.

He's crushing a heart in his left hand and holding the feather of Ma'at in his right... I figured I'd incorporate a bit of mythology into it with the scales and the judging and the hothot jackal-god. I feel sorry for the poor bastard who owns the heart, though. XD He's gonna meet Ammit pretty soon.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about... Look it up. Egyptian mythology is actually very interesting. XD And it'll suck up your time like Bounty paper towels, honest to god.

Anubis belongs to himself, yo. XD Respect.
Art © Midii 2003/2006
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