A Goddess and A Warrior Picture

This piece was one that I worked on for my AP 2D Design class during my senior year of High School, I had to make a series of pieces that fit a certain theme of sorts. For my theme, I wanted to go with what people perceived of romantic love through the style of animation. The way I went about doing this was I took some famous fairy tales and certain love stories and tried to pick out some of the most iconic themes of each and painted them. The figures were drawn first on Bristol paper and colored with pencil and the backgrounds were hand painted with watercolor. I wanted to mimic the look of a lithograph.

This piece was inspired by the Greek myth of Aphrodite and Adonis, one of the more....romantic myths? Well technically it's just about Aphrodite and Persephone bickering about one guy and who ended up getting him. It's a complicated love triangle. But I decided to make the two lead characters into horses to make it more interesting. I made Aphodite a unicorn, and made Adonis into a Pegasus ( Keeping with the Greek Mythological theme)

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