Celestial Warrior Goddess Devi Picture

After several days of putting her on and off, my Babe motivated me to keep at it. Express that I have been drawing. I draw I just don't like coloring and lots have told me to just post the line art even, but I want this to be my colored gallery, so that's why I haven't posted anything in a long while. EXCUSES!

With that said I present her to you. She isn't very popular so I actually want to know how many know of her. Once she has been deciphered I will edit this commentary.

Whoever can guess who she is and state 5 facts about her gets a free drawing by me, cause hey why not start the new year generously.

Have at her~


The character is loosely based upon the mythological figure, Durga. Devi was a celestial warrior goddess created by the gods to fight the renegade god Bala in the 2nd century of man. After being defeated, centuries later Bala rose again to threaten the universe. Devi was then reborn within the body of a young woman named Tara Mehta and hence all chaos broke loose when she was awakened to stop the evil god yet again.

Awhile back I discovered this hidden gem. It's a shame she doesn't have much popularity because the art and story are magnificent. She was fun to draw however and I will keep on the hunt to find the remaining comics I don't possess. Devi by Shekhar Kapur - virgin comics.

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