Sun Arcana Amaterasu Picture

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This was actually the first time I started shading fur that way, which is why I chose to re-post it here. It's a significant turning point in my art. Plus, it was good enough to get into the art/poetry anthology at my school so I figured I'd bring it along. X3 I never did get to use the character who had this as her persona, though.

Original Comments

Well, I've been on a Persona 3 kick lately, so naturally I've created my own character. This would be her persona. Three guesses who she's based on. Y'see, the only tarot card of the major arcana that really fit my character was The Sun. So I tried looking up various sun gods and goddesses and spirits and such of a bunch of different mythologies. For some reason, my search was fairly fruitless. And then I realized that Amaterasu from Okami was a sun god and from there it's pretty easy to guess what happened.

(As a side note, I also threw in some attributes of Fenris/Fenrir from Norse mythology, just because that was the original persona design until I actually put some research behind it.)

The markings were tedious yet fun, and based on Shiranui Amaterasu (for which there were extremely few accurate references, so I just went wild and made up a bunch of stuff myself), and all three types of weapons are represented.

Amaterasu (c) Clover
Persona 3 stuff (c) Atlus
Character design and artwork (c) me
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