Shennong Picture

In archaic Chinese mythology, there are often many "pioneer figures"--men or sage-kings who, through innovative wisdom, created a certain craft essential to the civilization of mankind. Cang Jie created written characters, Lei Zu the cultivation of silkworms. But out of all those inventive figures, the achievements of the Three Sovereigns are the most significant.

The identities of the Three Sovereigns varies from source to source, and one source lists them as Fu Xi, Nuwa and Shennong. These are the three that appear in KOEI's most recent Warriors Orochi games. While scholars suspect that they might have once been actual historical persons, legends and myths have elevated them to a god-like status.

Shennong is the Sovereign credited with the creation of agriculture and herbal skills. His name itself means "Divine Farmer". He has another identity within Chinese mythology as Yandi, the Fire Emperor, who along with Huangdi is considered one of the forefathers of the Chinese people. As Shennong, however, he is best known for personally tasting all the herbs in the world to discover their medicinal properties.

Legend has it that he was born with a translucent body, and this trait has passed into his KOEI incarnation. But while the original descriptions of his appearance said he had a bovine head, KOEI's Shennong is portrayed as a tall, handsome Mystic with eccentric accessories. Aside from his transparent, glowing torso he is also known for his monocle and his resemblance to Nuwa in terms of hair and halo.

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