Memnon Attacks Antilochos Picture

UPDATE: Now shaded and highlighted!

Antilochos, a Greek prince of Pylos, is about to receive a lethal beating from the Nubian King Memnon. One might think that the Greek is the better armored fighter in this confrontation, but from what I've researched, maces like Memnon's come in handy against armored opponents. In the end Memnon will kill Antilochos, only to be slain himself by Achilles on behalf of Antilochos' father Nestor.

(These are not characters I made up, but actual figures from Greek mythology, specifically the Trojan War story. Of course the Greek accounts label Memnon's country as "Aethiopia", but that was their name for what we call Nubia or northern Sudan today.)

My other depictions of Memnon:
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