LEGO Centaur Cowgirl Picture

A hope I desire to see come true.... a Wild West Centauress cow-girl mini-figure, either as a part of collectible minifigure line, or the main protagonist of a Wild-Western Mythological story brand (where she'd be a Minotaur herder?).

I used a lego horse I had for real-life reference, while I used the internet to look at the series... 1? (actually, 8) Cowgirl minifig as well. Everything else was from the mind. Anyway, this is a great picture. But, now without it's minor flaws.

I udnerstand yet wonder why have not produced a centaur or centauress figure, especially in their Castle lines. Also, I could submit a drawing to LEGO-Ideas (I believe they accept illustrations, as said in a HowItWorks video)... of course, it would be complicated. Still, I really wish and hope this happens.

:iconlegoplz Group

Art drawn by me.

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