Dionysus Picture

The Greek god of wine, grapes, theater, party and fertility. The god who inspires ritual madness, joyful worship, and ecstasy, carnivals, celebration (great orgies later, in Rome) and a major figure of Greek mythology. He is included as one of the twelve Olympians. He is son of Semele (a mortal) and Zeus. After a looong looong story, envolving the jealous Hera, Semele dies and Zeus rescued the fetal Dionysus by sewing him into his thigh. Than, when he was a child Zeus transformed him into a goat an he was raised by the nymph Nisa, later he was transformed back, but never got away the little goat horns. Yes... that's weird! Dionysus is described as a exceptionally attractive god, but I think that an eternity of parties and drunkenness may have turned him a little bit... "overweighted"!
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