Zan: Dragon of Life Picture

Figured I should start drawing these guys.

In the ancient mythologies of my imagination two dragons, Zan (Life) and Azo (Eternity) created space for living worlds in which smaller deities made their own worlds. In order to keep the elements in balance Zan created the Elemental Spirit Dragons. Each has their own Element, ranging from the basics, water, fire, earth, air, to more indepth, ice, wind, magma, flora, and even the unnatural or strange, colors, digital, mech, birth. Each is different but share similarities and all are connected as a family.

Zan is the Spirit Dragon of Life, he has the ability to create a Spirit Egg when certain energies have gathered. He is the father of all of the Spirit Dragons except for Azo (Eternity), ??? (Dimension), ??? (Time), Vohia (Love), and Kryistaol (Crystal).

-he has whiskers but I just forgot them- D:
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