Galene Picture

ok finally finished with this one... been workin on it off and on for the past week or so... 2nd try at painting hair and 1st try at painting fabric... soo there might be mistakes but i kinda like what i was able to do with a lowly mouse using on standard brushes in PS... lol... took me forever to decide on a background to go with what i was doin... well once i figured out what i was gonna do this for... lol...

so this is my entry for the Galene is one of the lesser known goddesses of the seas... She was a Nereides which were the 50 goddesses born from Nereus and Doris. Galene when spoken of in ancient text brought the calm waters of the seas to sailors when needed... and in most text she is most often referred to as the calm instead of by name...

well thats really all that is known of her... when i try things like this i try to pick ones that no one has heard of... lol...

rendered in D|S
painted in PS

mulberry character ~ daz
background ~ UweG - 'rosity freestuff
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