Amazons Simular Picture

I was told that the similarities between Amazonia and Wonder Woman may put me at odds with copyright infringements (Yeah like I'm making money from any of this crap). The fact is I made Amazonia since DC had destroyed what was Wonder Woman, and I figured I would do a 2 part piece of Similarities and differences.


1). Both are Amazons in the sense of the the term they are Stronger, and posses abilities greater then mortals.
2). Both were rasied by Queens of their people.
3). Both follow Greek Mythology, and their powers, and tools reflect that.
4). Both have a relevance to communicate with animals.
5). Although for different reasons, both share the same colors (Amazonia's will be revealed in an upcoming issue).
6). Both left their people because of love for a man.
7). Both care weapons and equipment that is similar in properties.
8). Both fight for Justice, Love, and Equality.
9). Both have Eternal youth.
10).Both I render are the same person....Me
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