Dream - HND Exhibit Piece Picture

This is part of the body of work based on the concept of 'Dream' for my HND end of year show. It is created on a found frame using various collage materials such as pages from old books of mine, a celestial map etc. The figure which is a self portrait was done in acrylics, some of the drawing around the edge is chalk pastels and charcoal aswell as biro which i hairsprayed to make it run.

The intention of the piece is to depict the scientific elements of dreaming combined with symbolism taken from psychology and mythology aswell as my own personal symbolism.

This is a terrible photo of it, ill be taking better ones tommorow night at the private view! This piece, like i mentioned, is the biggest part of a series of frames, all found objects which have been manipulated to become like distorted fragments of dreams.

Aaaanyway im really proud of it so i hope (dispite the crap photo) everyone likes is!
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